How the County will evaluate the Hilltop plan

We spoke to a representative of the Lake County Department of Planning, Building & Development last week to find out whether they had seen the plans yet and just what will happen when the Hilltop developers do take their plans to the county. Here's a summary of that conversation:

Knollwood Neighbors: Have the plans been presented to the County yet?

Lake County Planning, Building & Development: No formal application has been made to the county to date. We have been shown the drawings informally, but no engineering or formal site plan. The developers did submit some preliminary material for review [a couple of weeks ago].

KN: Once the plans have been submitted, will the public have a chance to provide input to the county?

LCPBD: Yes, a hearing will be scheduled and there will be public notice given to the surrounding property owners. There will also be open meetings that residents can attend.

KN: What steps will the application go through before a final decision is made?

LCPBD: The application will be for a Planned Unit Development, which means that the proposed uses are allowed under the current zoning but a conditional use permit will be required. The first step will be a site plan review, followed by formal submission of a preliminary development plan. The plan will be circulated internally for review of the technical components. This will be followed by a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Next, a final engineering plan will be submitted that incorporates the changes that come up in the review process. There are several rounds of review and recommendations, and the full County Board will make the ultimate decision.

If anyone's a glutton for punishment, they can read the county's Unified Development Ordinance here. The section relevant to Planned Unit Developments starts on page 3-12 (section 3.7).

Knollwood Neighbors will stay in close touch with the county and publicize information on meetings as soon as we have it.