Plans for senior development at Hilltop

The owners of the Hilltop property have provided a copy of the plans for the senior living development they are proposing. Click here to download the architectural drawings.

The first page of the document shows an aerial view of the existing property; the second page is the existing view looking south. The third and fourth pages show the proposed landscape plan for phases 1 and 2 of the project. Pages 5 and 6 show depictions of the proposed buildings, and page 7 is an aerial composite.

Some highlights of the plan:

  • Main 3-story building with three wings: senior living, assisted living, and memory support
  • Three outbuildings with their own parking lot at the north end of the property for retail, office, and restaurant use, with entrance on Atkinson Road
  • Seven 2-story senior townhouse buildings to be added as phase 2 of project
  • Four points of ingress/egress: (1) Atkinson Road west of Waukegan Road; (2) Waukegan Road across from Talbot Avenue; (3) Waukegan Road roughly across from Safford Avenue; and (4) Waukegan Road across from Burris Avenue (access limited to right turn in, right turn out)
  • Retention of much of existing woodland
  • Landscaping and walking paths

The property is being developed by Senior Lifestyle Corporation, a large company that develops, owns, and operates many senior residential facilities. Based in Chicago, the company has communities in Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Knollwood Neighbors will continue to monitor the progress of the proposal.


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