Progress on the Hilltop property

The construction site as of April 3, 2016If you've driven on Waukegan Road north of Foster lately, there's no way you could have missed the new buildings that are springing up on the old Hilltop property between Muir and Atkinson (someday we will learn to call it by its new name, "The Sheridan at Green Oaks" ...). Residents who attended our Annual Meeting on March 29 had a chance to hear first-hand about the progress. Jerrold Frumm, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Senior Lifestyle Corporation, spoke about the company behind the project, the plans for the facility, and its current status.

Senior Lifestyle Corporation, founded in 1985 and based in Chicago, owns and operates 175 senior living communities in 27 states, with a total of more than 18,000 units. The Sheridan at Green Oaks will contain 198 units of senior housing in three sections. The north end of the building will include 78 independent living units for residents who don't need medical assistance. The middle section of the building, licensed for assisted living, will encompass 64 units, and at the south end will be 64 memory care units for people with Alzheimer's disease and similar conditions.

You can see a preliminary site plan here; we are working on getting a more up-to-date version. The layout of the commercial buildings may have changed.

The company envisions the property as a gathering place for residents' friends and family, and a place where residents can live as independently as possible. Mr. Frumm emphasized that each of their facilities functions as a community as well as a part of the greater community surrounding it.

Construction started in June 2015 and is expected to be completed around the end of 2016; the company hopes to have all the required licensing completed and be ready to open the facility to its first residents in February 2017.

Currently the storm sewers have been installed. Paving is expected to be done in May. There will be road improvements on both Atkinson Road and Waukegan Road:

  • Atkinson will be repaved between Waukegan Road and the entrance to the property, with a left-turn lane installed on westbound Atkinson. The company is negotiating with IDOT for a new stoplight at Atkinson and Waukegan with a pedestrian crossing.
  • A lane will be added to Waukegan Road north of Muir to allow left turns into the facility; the extra land needed to widen the road will all come from the west side of the road adjacent to the property.

At the same time, construction has begun on the commercial part of the project at the northeast corner of the property (the southwest corner of Waukegan and Atkinson). This is under separate ownership and is being done by a different developer. There will be four commercial buildings, the first of which will be 15,000 square feet and is well under way.

Questions from residents covered several topics, including:

  • Drainage - Where is the water from the property being diverted to? (We need to get information on this)
  • Road cleanup - Who is responsible when trucks leaving the property drop debris? (The construction contractor - we'll be keeping an eye on this)
  • Fencing - Will the current unsightly fences remain? (No - there will be no fencing around the perimeter, just landscaping)
  • Sidewalks - Will a sidewalk be installed along Waukegan Road? (Not along the road, but there will be walking paths on the property that anyone may use to get from Muir to Atkinson. This, coupled with the proposed pedestrian crossing at Atkinson, could be a really good thing for us)

We are very grateful to Mr. Frumm for taking the time to meet with us and open a line of communication to keep our residents informed as the construction progresses. We will be working with him to develop a list of contacts for different aspects of the project that we can use as questions and concerns arise.