Some perspective on safety in Knollwood

Our public safety meeting last night was well attended and very informative. The good news: Knollwood is just as safe as most communities across Lake County. But there are always things we can do to keep our property and our neighborhood safer.

The meeting opened with a few comments from our County Board member, Mike Rummel. He encouraged residents to call on him as a liaison to county government. He can be reached at or by phone at 847-234-8858 (home) or 312-617-7547 (cell).

Deputy Roman Buchberger of the Lake County Sheriff's Community Service Division spoke next. He described the four incidents reported recently in Knollwood (see details here). He assured us that, statistically speaking, the crime rate in Knollwood is typical; burglaries tend to cluster at certain times of year. His assessment of the four incidents:

  • The two car burglaries were crimes of opportunity; the cars appeared to have been left unlocked with items in plain sight.
  • The two home burglaries were of the "hand-grab" type, which indicates an individual, not an organized crew. No tools appeared to have been used to gain entry; more likely a door had been kicked in.

Deputy Buchberger offered the following tips for keeping your home safe.

  • Reinforce your deadbolt. They typically go only an inch or so into the wood frame and can easily be kicked in.
  • Avoid leaving valuable items visible through your windows.
  • Leave the outdoor house lights on all night. This is more effective than motion lights because intruders can easily avoid triggering the light.
  • Double-check that your car doors (if parked outside) and garage doors are locked before you go to bed at night.
  • Consider having an alarm system installed.
  • Don't post vacation pictures on Facebook until AFTER you get home.
  • Set up a vacation house watch on your house with the Lake County Sheriff's Office (private local security firms also offer vacation services at a reasonable cost).

More detailed information on preventing burglaries, including a home security checklist, is available here.

Residents may contact Deputy Buchberger directly at 847-377-4211 or