When should you call 911?

About 1:45 am on Monday (Labor Day), a resident on Atkinson Road saw a man in the back yard next door to her. He appeared to be looking at the next-door neighbor’s house. She called 911 and reported the incident to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. Officers responded but by then the man was gone. He could have been checking out the house with criminal intent, or possibly just wandering on a holiday weekend, but ... better safe than sorry.

Please help us all work together to keep the neighborhood safe:

  • If you see anyone acting in a suspicious way, please call 911. If the call-taker asks if you are in Lake Bluff or Lake County, say Lake County (since that’s where our police coverage comes from).
  • Make the call from a landline if possible. When you call from a cell phone, the call-taker may not have immediate access to your location. It's also possible that there can be a short delay while your call is routed to the local dispatch center.
  • If you feel threatened, ask to stay on the line with the 911 dispatcher. Lake County officers cover a large area, so it can take a while for them to arrive, but the dispatcher can request Lake Bluff police assistance if the situation becomes an immediate danger to you or your home.
  • Your 911 call is important even if the officers don’t find anything. If they see a pattern of incidents from the same area, they’ll know something is going on that they need to pay attention to. So don’t hesitate to call if you think something’s not right.
  • Stay in touch with your neighbors. By sharing information we’re all contributing to a safe community.

Knollwood Neighbors will share information with the community through our website, Facebook, and email list, so do keep us in the loop too! You can email us at contact@knollwoodneighbors.org, or leave a voicemail at 847-701-5665.